Frequently Asked Questions

About Offolio

When Offolio has been created?

We are new on the market and ready to offer our innovate product

Who are the founders?

We are a team of two, we know each other for 10 years and are really complementary in skills but also in personalities.
Our CEO is an expert in financial technology and client support focused on mutual successes with 8 years of experience including 3 years as Head of Sales EMEA of a technology company.
Our CTO/COO is a Project Management Expert with 5 years of experience as senior consultant for large projects but also a Full-stack Developer with a real appetite for innovation strategy and technology

At what stage are we?

Our Minimum Viable Product is ready to offer an unique experience

Why we exist?

Preparing a complex project should not be as expensive as is it today and Offolio can save up to 50% of your cost per project

Our Product

Time Management

Identify the time to complete your project

Work Management

Identify the number of resources you need to complete your project with the hours in detail

Cost Management

Establish your cost in terms of human resources, material cost and general expenses

Project Visuals

See your project in a way you have never seen before

Project Insights

Get unique and powerful insights thanks to our automated technology to understand your project simply

Financial Assessment

Our technology can easily perform a financial assessment of your project to ensure a good ROI

Portfolio audit

Audit your portfolio to get reliable data from your past performance

Predictive analysis

Our technology can predict your chance of success in minutes

Our Pricing

How is based our pricing?

Our pricing is really simple and is based on the number of work packages you need to deliver your project.

How we define your Work Package Price?

We define the price according to your portfolio complexity to be sure that you pay what you need with your capabilites but, for sure, you will pay less than today for something better...

Our Services


Our tool does not require to change your existing set of management tools, it is even the opposite. Offolio can be integrated to any type of tools easily (e.g: SAP, Primavera, MS Project....) to prepare your project in few clicks.

Customer support

It depends of your offer and can include: a private slack to exchange, web conferences and a training.


Add as many deliverables as you need.