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Manage your projects differently

OFFOLIO revolutionizes project management, from decision making to planning.

Project managers

OFFOLIO is the Google Maps of project planning. Enter your destination, and receive the path to follow in real time.
Constraints (delays, capacity, costs), and processes are taken into account to (re)plan scenarios to be piloted easily.

Top managers

Clarify your decision making process, with the real time picture of upcoming business, ongoing project's progress, resource usage, and costs.

Plan in just a few minutes

OFFOLIO automates project planning's manual tasks.
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Projects are composed of repeating processes and sequences. The technology organizes them in blocks, in a library, that you will enrich over thetime.
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Blocks are enriched with the essential axes of decision making: time / resources / costs / revenues / risks (and more...)
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It only takes a few questions to generate or update a new project planning. What used to take weeks, now only takes minutes.
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Native portfolio consolidation ensures consistency between the workload plan, project objectives, and employee tasks.

SaaS features powered by an incredible automation engine

5 minutes to plan

Generate scenarios, even complex ones, by answering business questions. Planning data are generated for you.

Data processing by AI

Huge volume of precise data are generated in just a few minutes, with a richness impossible to reach with human efforts.


Predict your project's chances of success with artificial intelligence.


Include time, cost, resources and risk in your decision making process.

Optimize the use of your resources

Anticipate overloads and underloads, and increase your EBITDA.

Learn from each project

The tool feeds itself in real time with your projects to gain relevance on its next predictions.

Use cases

The workload plan is a tedious, manual and yet critical exercise for the performance of the company.

With OFFOLIO, the industrialist has equipped his ICP (industrial and commercial plan) in only a few hours they can now evaluate the impact of incoming business on their current project portfolio.

The underload and overload has been reduced immediately

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Maintenance planning is complex, and includes many constraints. The slightest error results in lost production days.
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With OFFOLIO, Septodont automatically generates multi-stress maintenance schedules. The algorithms generate the data based on the process mapping.
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Septodont gains several days of production in the year (each estimated at +/- 1 million €).
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75 MILLION USD: amount of annual project losses due to inefficient communications (source PMI - USA study).
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With the OFFOLIO collaborative platform, the project manager can communicate the objectives to the business managers. The managers can validate the capacity and allocate tasks to their collaborators.
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By communicating and anticipating obstacles encountered, our client performs well on 80% of its projects.

What our customers say about us

It takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months for someone to learn the most typical planning tools out there. This is at a basic level to do activity scheduling. If you expect a fully resource and cost-loaded schedule it takes even longer before the person can do sophisticated planning project control and analyses.

The best thing about Offolio is that learning curve is really short. Anybody working with the project with enough knowledge of its parameters can build the scope and start running scenarios. It’s a much simpler interface that is built with a different mindset from scratch in a good way.
Mammad Yusubov, Planning Specialist, Workipelago™
La planification des arrêts techniques (shutdowns) en milieu pharmaceutique est complexe,  soumise à multiples contraintes, et a un impact direct sur la capacité de production.

OFFOLIO permet un gain de temps considérable sur le processus de planification en supprimant la planification des taches récurrentes permettant de se concentrer sur les projets. Je gagne en confort : je peux désormais me concentrer sur la résolution des conflits et l’optimisation du planning en fonction des contraintes inhérente à l’industrie pharmaceutique.
Mathieu Marsy, Responsable utilité industrielles et pharmaceutiques, Septodont
Ce qui fait la valeur ajoutée d’Offolio est sa simplicité d’utilisation couplée à la rapidité avec laquelle les données sont générées.

La planification et l’analyse de scénarios n’auront jamais été aussi simples !
Lisa Adaïus, Consultante en management de projets, MewsPartners

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