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Secure your projects: solve resource conflicts

Take control of your capacity planning and optimize in real-time the performance of your projects.
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Project planning as the leverage for industry profitability

OFFOLIO transforms project planning approach, allowing project leaders to focus on strategy and contingencies.


of project are delayed


of delays are due to lack of resource when needed

They have launched their transformation

High-performing teams looking to accelerate their delivery and optimize their resources, choose OFFOLIO.

Project Portfolio Resource

Dive into the new era of project management with our resource-centered PPM tool.
Harmonize the three layers of project management. Benefit from more consistency and efficiency in your organization.
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Reliable KPIs powered by data generating algorithms.
Common difficulties in PPMs
Attractive but inaccurate dashboards. Lack of conviction about the reliability of the data that feeds them.
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Projects meticulously planned and secured thanks to simulations and scenario planning.
Common difficulties in PPMs
Absence of good planning practices and delay management according to resources. Lack of scenario planning.
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Team action plans consistent with project objectives, a clear and dynamic capacity vision.
Common difficulties in PPMs
Action plans on Excel that do not consider project objectives. Source of conflict between projects and team leaders.

Simplified integration with your existing tools

Improve your workflow thanks to OFFOLIO’s seamless integration with your ecosystem.

3 Pillars for performance

Transform your project planning into a vector of growth and value creation.
Artificial Intelligence

Ask the AI and receive a custom project structure, tailored to your specific needs.

Powerful Automation

Create and update large amounts of project data in real time. Get a full resource and cost plan in minutes.

Digital Twin

Learn and capitalize past project experience. Make this knowledge accessible to all for continuous improvement and better decision-making.

What our clients say

OFFOLIO allows a considerable time saving on the planning process by removing the planning of recurring tasks, allowing me to focus on projects. I can now concentrate on resolving conflicts and optimizing planning according to the inherent constraints of the pharmaceutical industry.

Mathieu Marsy
Industrial and Pharmaceutical Utilities Manager, Septodont

The best thing about Offolio is that learning curve is really short. Anybody working with the project with enough knowledge of its parameters can build the scope and start running scenarios. It’s a much simpler interface that is built with a different mindset from scratch in a good way.

Mammad Yusubov
Planning Specialist, Workipelago™

Rien de tel qu'un œil neuf sur cette solution novatrice qu'est le logiciel Offolio et sa capacité à traiter efficacement nos problématiques de planification !

Regis Gautreau
Director Project Performance, Alstom

Ce qui fait la valeur ajoutée d’Offolio est sa simplicité d’utilisation couplée à la rapidité avec laquelle les données sont générées.
La planification et l’analyse de scénarios n’auront jamais été aussi simples !

Lisa Adaïus
Consultante en management de projets, MewsPartners

OFFOLIO brings the schedule management to its next step: give people a simple, intuitive and attractive way to draft their project plans.It gives fresh air to the way we can start to build a schedule and I can see many situations where the OFFOLIO model can ease the monitoring of progress or workload in a portfolio view.

Jeremy Lescop
Head of Project Planning Practice Leader, MI-GSO

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