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Planning has never been this easy

The 1st technology that generates the data for you
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Generate deliverables and a real-time vision, re-simulate your project plans according to hazards, benefit from a real-time workload plan and capitalize on experience. The complexity is thus divided by 10.


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5 times more planning data per project
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10 times more scenarios per project
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A few seconds to get a full project vision
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Uniqueness of the data between all the actors of the project


Generate or update your vision in 2 minutes without manual work, by answering business questions! All thanks to a top-down, process-oriented approach and data generation algorithms to plan your projects in just a few clicks.

From Zero to Magic in a few days

OFFOLIO frees planning from its manual tasks thanks to a unique engine that generates and updates your data in real time, and allows you to have a portfolio vision in a few days starting from your current planning data.





Build an import Excel file with reusable business processes.

A few hours

Build an Excel file with one-time business processes.

A few days to weeks

Your constraints are modeled to automate the generation of the planning deliverable.

10 minutes/planning

Create a planning by filling in all the data manually in your tool.

1 week/planning

Make decisions with multi-dimensional insight, with 5x more data depth.

Efficient decision making

Make decisions with incomplete data.

Complicated/non-existent decision making

SaaS features powered by an incredible automation engine

5 minutes to plan

Generate scenarios, even complex ones, by answering business questions. The planning data are then generated by the tool.

Data generation

Planning data is generated automatically by the tool in just minutes, with unprecedented amounts of data and detail.


Predict your chances of success for a project thanks to artificial intelligence in the service of planning.


Include time, costs, resources and risks in your decision making.

Optimize the use of your resources

You have never benefited from this vision before, use it to increase your EBITDA.

Engineering your knowledge

Your teams have the knowledge, make it dynamic.

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