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A picture of Cyril, the CEO.
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Chairman - CEO & Co-Founder
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Technical Director & Co-Founder

How our story started

The OFFOLIO story begins in January 2020, however the idea had been brewing in William's head for years. Having traveled the world as a planner in major industries of the economy, he realized that there was one thing in common: everything is done manually, on tools that have been the same for decades. He then identified a major problem: because the task is manual, it is not done because of lack of time or is not done well because of its complexity.

William took his notebook, stood in front of his computer and asked himself how he could get a schedule out as quickly as possible. He thought about it and fed a huge Excel file with the goal of doing exactly what was done by hand for weeks, in minutes. He spent a month and succeeded. His goal was then to sell planning templates to generate plans quickly.

This is how three years ago, William came to see his best friend Cyril who was the director of operations for a software company that sold to many multinationals. Together they realized that the idea was good, but that it was necessary to go further, that the problem did not stop there. Once we have the schedule, what do we do with it? They made a simple observation: for a schedule to work every time, you have to automate the method to create the model, to generate it, and finally to pilot it so that each person can take ownership of it.

The combination of business and personal experience means that today, they have found a solution that allows them to do what used to take hours, now takes minutes: enrich a process while making it simpler and more accessible for users.Translated with (free version)


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What is our vision

The world doesn't just need technology, it also needs data. Today, by making it much more shareable between people, sectors and industries, maybe we can have more good practices and efficiency in the process.

Technology without data is nothing, so we want to be able to deliver the data, to help not only the big ones, but also the little ones.

We want to put the human at the center of the process: we provide the automation, but the human is still the one who has to build data libraries, and in the end, the goal is that the human can make decisions and that the tool works for the human, and not the other way around.

Our dream would be that in planning, between a need/a desire and its impact analysis from a planning point of view, only a few seconds are needed to make a decision, which must be in real time.

A concept that inspires us is that of Project Economy, a concept that explains that today we are doing more and more projects but that tomorrow everything will be a project.

Before, in a company, the same bolt was manufactured for 20 years. Today, we do tailor-made products almost in series (everything is a mini project). It is therefore necessary to know how to manage everything that structures and secures a project: a planning, and we are at the service of this.

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