An innovative approach to schedule or re-schedule projects

in minutes

 OFFOLIO's SaaS technology automates generation of planning data (project or production) in order to make a rigid and costly process accessible and agile.

Gather your data using our innovative approach to generate thousands of context-specific data and beyond


Follow easy 4-step process in order to build unlimited scenarios in minutes for each project phase


Learn from thousands of structured data with ready-to-use analysis tools in only few minutes impossible to get manually without huge related costs


Our Solution

Project planning is key to generate future companies' revenues. Unfortunately, this process is still done manually by either external expensive resources, or by internal resources having to limit the quality due to lack of time. OFFOLIO provides the following features:


Our benefits

We automate project data through an intelligent technology to easy project planning process, and its analysis, dividing related costs with the following benefits:


Be agile to get detailed resource demand in minutes with related labor or non-labor costs and much more...


Use our technology intelligence to avoid human errors, face any critical resource unavailability and easy remote work


Leverage new data to get deep understanding of your business operations strengths and weaknesses in a context of uncertainty 

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